Master in Human Nutrition

Bachelor in Sports Medicine


Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (NSCA), Certified Athletic Trainer (NATA)


About Me: After working In Athletic Training/Physical Therapy, Maureen turned her attention to pursue her passion for fitness. Having competed in triathlons, marathons and bodybuilding, Maureen is dedicated and knowledgeable in a variety of fitness areas. 


Experience:Maureen has been a personal trainer for over 16 years. Throughout the years, she has continued to expand her knowledge in the areas of fitness and nutrition. It is her mission to inspire as many people as she can to live a healthier lifestyle.  She has had the privilege of traveling world teaching women how to look and feel their best through nutrition and exercise.  This experience has taught her to become a better trainer so that she could work with clients of all ages and fitness levels.  One rep, one meal and one minute at a time a healthy, balanced life can be achieved you just have to decide = that you want to make that change.